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Blueprint to your New Reality!

This is an amazing opportunity to own a piece of paradise in the exclusive residential Lomas del Mar, where you will be able to develop your dream home in Pura Vida Land. 

Allow our professional team with over 100 years of combined experience in real-estate in both The U.S.and Costa Rica to assist in the home building process from start to finish.

Guidance by Alkymia, a Costa Rica company recognized for its extensive local building and planning knowledge means working with top class professionals. Their resources in Concept, Architectural Design and Construction are all at your disposal.

Lomas del Mar development has its own clubhouse with a swimming pool, equestrian center and restaurant, it is 30 minutes from Liberia International Airport, 10 minutes from Playa Blanca, and 15 minutes from driving distance to restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals and other facilities.

Blue Zones: Active and healthy lifestyle!

Common across all blue zones are people that climb mountains, walk through the hills, work the land, and generally use their bodies as they perform their daily activities.  Lomas Del Mar’s Developers express that Blue Zone factor through a series of Horse Back, Hiking and Biking options within our community.

The quality of life is great in Costa Rica where people live in peace and harmony with nature.  Covered by dry farmland and lush rainforest, the country has a tropical climate. Having a reasonable amount of sun exposure through an active outdoor lifestyle is another key to longevity among locals. Vitamin D intake from the sun, especially when combined with walking as a traditional mode of transportation, offers a beneficial boost to heart and bone health.


Lomas del Mar, Tempate, Santa Cruz, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica



Contact Number:

+506 8310 4605 / +506 8381 2043


9374,15 m2 / 100900 Ft2

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