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12 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Costa Rica

Let’s go chasing waterfalls!

Waterfalls have and always will, radiate a mythical and magical aura, so it’s no wonder so many of us are drawn to them. Filled with rejuvenating minerals, these purifying cascades are true ‘fountains of youth.’ As long as these powerful streams of shimmering water continue to plunge into clear pools and emit thrilling roars, they will guarantee to improve your mood from jaw-dropping heights!

Catarata del Toro
La Fortuna
La Paz

La Fortuna

Dense jungle and sweet-smelling plants unveil seventy-five meters of a hypnotic, unbroken funnel of raging water plummeting into an emerald-colored pool! Although there are approximately five hundred steps descending to the base, brace yourself for a vision that is simply breathtaking! These beautiful falls are to be found in a protected reserve in the province of Alajuela.

Rio Celeste

This magnificent thirty-meter waterfall remains a firm favorite, and probably the most popular of all. A natural phenomenon occurs when volcanic minerals combine, forming a chemical reaction. This, in turn, converts the water into a bright shade of turquoise, creating a surreal visionary image of the contrast between the water and vegetation. Swimming in the plunge pool is pure bliss and will incite a rush of happiness from within you!

La Paz

Thirty-seven meters of alluring waters flow in a sanctuary that is bustling with protected wildlife. The elevated platform provides a magnificent backdrop for marriage ceremonies which is quite befitting since the dazzling falls depict the shape of a bride’s veil! It’s an easy, comfortable walk for everyone.

Catarata del Toro

This hidden gem is worth the trek. Towering over eighty meters, volumes of water crash into an ancient, dormant volcanic crater showing an impressive spray from the sheer force. The falls are active in a privately owned eco-reserve of the Alajuela province where 350 concrete stairs lead you down to the base. It’s worth it to bide your time to listen to its music, whilst you take in the serene views along the way.


Sixty-one meters of a grandiose double waterfall in the dominical region form an exquisite curtain as it pours over two tiers. Giant boulders accompany the scenery, all carpeted in comforting, moist neon-green moss. Clouds of fine mist form to fill the sky from the cascades’ lower twenty-meter fall. The enchanting water ‘hogs the limelight,’ as it breaks over rugged rocks into a cool blue pool. The property is privately owned by a local family who welcomes the public to the area. It’s a perfect setting to spend the day relaxing and swimming in the chilly waters.

Llanos de Cortez

Not the tallest vertical drop, but the horizontal width of this series of cascades certainly compensates for the lack of height. And well, it is just wonderful, with its exquisite cool pool!

To the north of Guanacaste, it is a short but steep descending walk to the base and one of the best spots for memorable photography. Swim under this curtain of water as the soothing sounds of trickling water fills you with positive energy.


Hidden in the south of the Tinamaste region, discover sleek twin falls dropping from a dizzy height of over 183 meters, plunging into a beautiful blue basin! The conservation area is privately owned, and you are required to have a tour guide accompany you. Spending a pleasurable night in a secret cave right behind the falls is the ultimate highlight! Enjoy the privilege of witnessing the waterfalls in the moonlight, then wake up refreshed from the mist kissing your skin.


By comparison, it’s a mere fifteen meters of a narrow stream of water flowing, and gentle enough for you to swim under. It’s hard to find this hidden treasure in the jungle in the Limon province, but when you do, you will be ecstatic! The Bribri reservation offers no signs, so you either need a guide or bravely follow the narrow trail through the Talamanca mountain forest.

La Muralla

Hidden on a private ranch in Turrialba of the Cartago province, impressive and thick vegetation comprised of grasslands and trees, reveals a stunning view of an eighty-meter waterfall from the hills above. Take your time getting to the base, as it is a steep descent to see the tall torrent of sparkling water crashing onto the rocks below. It’s such an unforgettable experience!


Located in the Guanacaste region, a powerful force of water plummets twenty-five meters between two gigantic boulders. Owned by the La Hacienda hotel, access to the falls has been made easy for you with erected handrails along the trail. Crossing over the river with the help of their hanging bridge is perfect for family trips. Along the way, the air is cool and damp as you approach the falls. Look forward to a 10-minute walk before wading or swimming in the azure plunge pool.


Sourced in the Nicoya peninsula, these enchanting silvery cascades of water flow moderately over triple tiers. The upper fall is a height of five meters, the second is higher at twelve, and the lower part reaches twenty-five meters. It remains a favorite with the locals since it allows access to all swimming holes and is also perfect for daring cliff jumping. It’s a lovely hike, crossing small rivers while you enjoy the moist jungle. With a rope swing leading into the plunge pool, prepare to be highly entertained.

El Chorro

The secluded Cocalito beach on the Nicoya peninsula offers a mysterious waterfall that not too many people are aware of. It’s one of seven waterfalls in the world that flows directly into the ocean. Seventy meters of mighty water spills over a rugged cliff face, splashing onto the rocks

below, frequently reflecting rainbows. Although the crest offers vivid views at its source, it’s a long and strenuous hike. For the less energetic, an alternative is to visit it on horseback.

Mother nature has blessed Costa Rica with these incredible wonders, and it would be such a shame not to experience them, so please do give us a call to discuss your investment needs.