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Who would have believed that this tiny stable and peaceful nation is a chosen destination for so many? Just picture living comfortably in natural sustainable terrain, comprising of dense evergreen rainforests, smooth dazzling, variegated pink, black and white beaches, plus a few salient, silent volcanoes in the background to complete the scenery.

This is one little section of the world that remains undiscovered!
Intrigued? Of course, you are! Renowned for their hypnotic Salsa dancing, inherent Spanish influences and vast rain forests are just part of what makes this a bewitching sought-after destination, continue to allure investors and the like from around the globe!

With its comfortable climate, an abundance of wondrous adventures await you in Costa Rica.

Birds, birds, and more birds! Flurries of chirping rainbows of colour, infest the tropical jungles circling the mesmerizing waterfalls, only to amaze and delight you again and again!  Lose yourself in the intrigue and wonder of the volcanoes dominating the sky, or just chill in the hot springs! Coo at cuddle-some sloths in the sanctuary for orphans and join in Costa Rica’s lively carnivals, abound with sassy dressers and dancers.

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Wonder at the intricately crafted cathedrals and churches and saunter through the art galleries and museums at your own pace. With very few exotic dishes, food in Costa Rica is simple, nutritious, appetizing, and wholesome! Notorious for their sweet tooth, you would be missing out if you didn’t indulge in a decadent dessert or two.

Costa Rica’s love for a simple and peaceful existence, makes it even more appealing to those who want to escape it all, preferring not to live in a built-up area! How refreshing it is to have a Government comply with the needs of its people!

The intrigue of relocating to Costa Rica has been, over time, enticing to many expats from all over the world, looking to experience this very peaceful and easy way of life! It is not difficult to understand that this is partly why:

– A peaceful, fuller, and simpler lifestyle.
– Clean, fresh air and a sustainable natural environment.
– Animal lover? Marvel at the variety of birds and wildlife.
– Excellent healthcare, rated to be one of the best in Latin America.
– Low crime rate, still considered one of the safest places in the world.
– A diverse history, with Christopher Columbus visiting in the 1500s.
– Simple yet nutritious dishes are preferred and are generally homemade from fresh produce.

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