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Buying a property in Costa Rica is a significant life-altering reality!

Although there are some differences from purchasing in other countries, the process is not too complicated.

Our simple steps guide you through the stages required to own your very own patch of paradise in the Sun!

How to purchase a house in Costa Rica?

Start Step by Step

1. Finance: Take time to plan and decide on your budget and how much you intend to comfortably assign, whether through a mortgage or an up-front purchase.

2.Contact an agent: Work with one of our sales agents you feel most comfortable with, and rest assured, you will be in good hands!

3. Book your trip: When you have chosen a collection of residences you wish to inspect and are ready to spend a few days in Costa Rica, we can help you arrive safely.

4. Viewing: Your chosen agent takes care of booking all the viewings and together you will view each home thoroughly at your own pace.

5. Legal representative: It is your choice to appoint an attorney that you know you can trust with all the necessary legal requirements, including mortgage approval from your banking institution.

6. Offer: Once you have chosen your home, it is time to commit to an offer to the seller in writing, which your agent initiates on your behalf.

7. Exclusive reservation: Once the offer is accepted, it is a standard procedure to place a small deposit to secure your offer. The amount is then transferred directly to your attorney for safe keeping.

8. Deed of Sale: The final contract is drawn up and signed by all relevant parties, rendering it legal and binding

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Choosing your new home

Take extra care in confirming that everything about your chosen residence suits all your desires. Spend time examining each property to ensure that all details have been noted, and that you are satisfied.

Financing your new home

As mentioned above, it is important that our clients settle on a specific amount they wish to pay for a property. This helps your Agent find the most suitable residences for your inspection.

Buy a property for resale

Residences with previous owners usually appoint their own legal representative to ensure all guarantees regarding the property are in place for you.

New developments

Buying off-plan sounds daunting, but rest assured your agent will be with you to explain and guide you through the entire process, as well as introduce you to the developers and design team.

Choice of attorney

Your attorney will naturally ensure the property has a clean slate of bills, as well as inform you of any hidden costs. It is equally important that he/she assists you in the drawing up of a will validating a smooth transfer of assets for the future


Property tax in Costa Rica is relatively low. 3.5% of the purchase price, thereafter annual property tax is 0.25%.

Delivering your new home

On this special day, your agent welcomes you to your new residence and checks that everything is as it should be for you. If possible, the Seller will make an appearance to congratulate you.

Do you have any questions? We are always happy to hear from you!

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