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When you see the word “Playa” everywhere, then you know there are hundreds of beaches to discover in Costa Rica. There’s a lot of hype about “Best Beaches”, but to be honest, we think it’s always a personal choice.

Amongst a plethora of hidden gems, Costa Rica’s popular beaches range from serious surfing spots to wading in gentle waves. Their variety includes beautiful black sand beaches resulting from lava deposits and white sand beaches formed from coral. Topping these, are the wonderous pink sand, rocky outcrops, and shady delights, all waiting to be explored along miles and miles of coastline.

A prominent and most memorable highlight would undoubtedly be when the beaches glow at night. Bioluminescence, the chemical reaction of cells in living organisms, creates bright blue luminous living lights within the rhythmic movement of waves. It’s a magical moment, always best seen when the new moon phases.

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