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Welcome to Casa Manuel Antonio, an opulent retreat that offers a luxurious experience like no other. From the stunning design to the lavish amenities, this property is truly a masterpiece. Schedule a showing today and experience the epitome of luxury living.

Key Features

Casa Manuel Antonio is not just a property, it’s an experience!


With 11 bedrooms including an exclusive presidential suite, 13 bathrooms, two swimming pools, a Jacuzzi, a movie theater, a spa, a fitness center, a game room, and a private elevator, this estate has everything you need and more.

Explore our gallery to get a glimpse of this magnificent property and contact us today to learn more!

Property Overview

Casa Manuel Antonio is the newest gem in the crown of luxury homes in Costa Rica.  Nestled within a stone’s throw of the famous beaches of Costa Rica, Casa Manuel Antonio stands tall with its unparalleled amenities and features.

– 11 Bedrooms

– 13 Bathrooms

–  Presidential Penthouse Suite

–  Multi-Level Swimming Pools

–  Double Cascade Waterfalls

–  In-pool Jacuzzi

–  Three Full Kitchens

–  Private Elevator

–  12 Seat Movie Theater

–  Fitness Center

–  Full Spa

–  Game Room

–  Multi-Car Garage

Indulge in the height of extravagance in this five story,15,000 sq. ft dream home!


One of the many things that sets Casa Manuel Antonio apart is its ease of access to three stunning beaches. With a conservative estimate projecting an average nightly rate of $6,600 and 70% occupancy, the potential for a lucrative investment is undeniable.

With an estimated gross income surpassing $1.6 million annually, Casa Manuel Antonio promises not just luxury, but profitability. Plus, with a net income projected to soar over $1.2 million, your investment is sure to yield exceptional returns!

Casa Manuel Antonio is a masterpiece of a sanctuary offering a lifestyle that dreams are made of!  Embrace the unparalleled amenities, the breathtaking beauty, and the allure of exclusivity.

This is your opportunity to experience the height of extravagance – don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to own a piece of paradise!


Pre-Construction: $8.5Million (USD)

Completed: $9.5Million (USD)

​Scheduled for completion September/October 2024

World-Class Amenities

Designed for Your Comfort.

At Casa Manuel Antonio, every detail has been carefully considered to provide you with an unparalleled living experience. From entertaining guests to relaxing at home, our amenities cater to your every need. Explore our amenities below and discover the perfect retreat for you.

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Experience breathtaking views from the comfort of your own home. Our floor-to-ceiling windows provide natural light and stunning views, making every day feel like a vacation.

With every glance, immerse yourself in the natural splendor of Manuel Antonio’s framed coastline, where verdant rainforests meet the sparkling Pacific Ocean in a mesmerizing display of harmony and allure.

Don’t just dream of paradise – experience it at Casa Manuel Antonio!

Luxurious Double Swimming Pools

Dive into unparalleled luxury with not just one, but two stunning swimming pools at Casa Manuel Antonio. Picture yourself lounging in the warm tropical sun, surrounded by lush greenery, as you take a refreshing dip in one of our meticulously designed pools.

But the opulence doesn’t stop there – experience the soothing sounds of nature as you bask in the serene ambiance of our cascade waterfall. Let the gentle cascade of water wash away your worries, creating an oasis of tranquility right in your own backyard.

Exquisite Luxury

From the moment you step through the grand entrance, be prepared to be enveloped in a world of unparallelled elegance and sophistication. From the latest technology to the finest materials, we’ve spared no expense to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Every aspect of Casa Manuel Antonio has been meticulously crafted with the discerning homeowner in mind, ensuring a lifestyle of unparalleled luxury and comfort.

12-Person Movie Theater

The 12-person movie theater exudes comfort and offers an unparalleled entertainment experience for family and friends to enjoy.  Adorned with plush, reclining leather seats, each equipped with built-in cup holders and personal storage compartments, the theater offers the ultimate relaxation experience.

The state-of-the-art surround system envelops viewers in immersive audio, while the large screen displays crystal-clear images with vibrant colors and sharp resolution. Customizable lighting options allow for the perfect mood setting, whether it’s a thrilling action movie or a cozy romantic comedy.

In-Home Fitness Center

Equipped with top-of-the-line exercise machines, including treadmill, stationary bike, and a multi-functional weight training station, this in-home gym offers versatility for cardio, strength training and conditioning workouts.

With its thoughtful amenities and inviting atmosphere, this in-home gym promises the ultimate fitness experience, empowering you to achieve your health and wellness goals without ever leaving the comfort of your own home!


Manuel Antonio district, Costa Rica






1082.32 m² / 11,650 Ft2




940 M2 / 0.24 Acres


Garage for 4 Large SUV's

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Contact Number:

+506 8310 4605 / +506 8381 2043

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