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Still not sure whether to invest in the wellness industry, the fitness industry or the luxury hospitality industry in a post-pandemic era? How about all of them with ease?

Jungle Gym provides its clientele with a place to strengthen their health and fitness while they reestablish themselves in Nature and the Pura Vida of Costa Rica.

Located on the northern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, just a few minutes from the international airport. It allows you to experience the beauty of the nearby beaches and jungles while doing exercise routines.

Among other features, this location has a flexible master plan that allows for several Business Opportunities in the fitness and wellness industry. The Gym it’s already connected with a well-known brand called “Beyond Sports Tours”. Beyond Sports is interested in starting a multi-year lease that should help create an income stream for the next owner.

This is one of its kind in Guanacaste with it’s Hard Woodfloored Indoor Basketball Court, doubling back also as an Indoor Volleyball Court. It’s  fully equipped with a yoga studio complete with mirrors

Also has It’s wellness and workout facility including two levels of strength training with all the equipment needed for any advanced athlete. Built dorm buildings accommodations for any type of Retreat or Fitness Event. Plus Facilities with full commercial kitchen with the ability to prepare meals for an entire group. The dining room next to the kitchen gives athletes the ability to recharge.

There is also the possibility of carving 2 platforms at the end of the plot which begins to make an ascent on a mountainside with a breathtaking view of the sea.

These plots would be a perfect place to establish luxury residences with access to the Master Plan. Could be converted into personal residences, retreats, spas, luxury condos, boutique high-end hostels, etc.


Distrito, Cabo Velas Cantón, Santa Cruz Provincia, Guanacaste


US$ 1,500,00.00


10000 m2 / 107639 Ft2

Ref number:


Contact Number :

+506 8310 4605 / +506 8381 2043

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