Junquillal Beachfront Lot #2

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This 13,647 square meter lot is located Beachfront in Junquillal. The road up to this concession land is completely paved.   It´s really beautiful, with a scaled topography without being too steep, which allows the possibility to develop different heights in the property without them blocking each other´s view of the ocean.  


This property is located in Playa Junquillal, and the road is paved all the way to the entrance.  Size is 13,647 square meters.  It is concession lands that has to be renovated this year 2022, but the property has always complied with it´s obligations and it´s a simple and routinery procedure for which we foresee no problem at all.  We can accept the renewal procedure without a problem. Property has a cost of $1,3 millions.


Playa Junquillal, Costa Rica


13,647 m2 / 146895.09 Ft2



Contact Number:

+506 8310 4605 / +506 8381 2043

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