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Those seeking for an exotic hideaway that’s only a few hours from major gateways, can look no further than Peninsula Papagayo Bay Villa.


Sitting on a secluded enclave offering unparalleled views, this property is perched above Culebra Bay, overlooking the marina, natural preserve and the enthralling calmness of Guanacaste’s mountain range.


In terms of design, Peninsula Papagayo Bay Villa boasts an exquisite amalgamation of beauty and comfort. The main area consists of 4 modules featuring six bedrooms plus separate caretaker quarters with their own kitchen and storage.


At one end of the upper module, lies a state-of-the-art gym with expansive views ideal for kickstarting your day. Two modules are exclusively bedrooms, each one with their own, extensive bathrooms and several exquisite bathtubs that look over the turquoise waters of the Papagayo bay and the vibrant landscaping. Each room has an individual private entrance and balcony, for those moments of intimacy and relaxation.


The home entertainment area is poolside, exuding elegance with a timeless style that complements the stunning sights of the peninsula. At one end of the entertainment module, there’s a chef’s dream of a high-end kitchen, fully equipped with first rate appliances. On the other end, beyond the beautiful landscaped gardens, the giant home theater positions itself as a great option to laid back and watch a film with the family, or kill stress by gaming. Once done, the infinity pool and jacuzzi are just steps away, available whenever someone wants to exercise doing some laps in the former, or just sitting back and enjoying the soothing sound of waves in the latter.


Fine wood and quartz finishes throughout, a cold room for significant events, double-pane windows and led lighting… Peninsula Papagayo Bay Villa is fully equipped to make your dream life a reality. Lay back and watch the sunrise over the Continental Divide, let the stunning colors, crystal waters and immersive scenery take your breath away and leave you speechless. The opportunity is right there for you to take.


Culebra Bay, Costa Rica


7,424 m2 / 79911.27 Ft2







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+506 8310 4605 / +506 8381 2043

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