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“Elverano”, otherwise known as Summertime, always holds such joy and excitement in Costa Rica. Living in the tropics, you can literally feel the change in the air.

December is the month transition takes place, moving from the “green season” to the “dry season.” Although everything is still lush and green, the evenings begin to cool as the complex phenomenon of the earth tilts its axis, informing the Northern and Western hemispheres that “winter” is coming in Costa Rica. Days dress in mighty hues of tropical teals and blues, appearing almost cloudless.

And so, the beach parties begin! Adrenalin kicks in, anticipating such wonderful and exciting get-togethers, where barbeques are rife and set the stage designed just to create the ultimate experience for you. Enhanced with live bands, sofas in the sand, and play parks, all day activities tend to flow into the night under the stars, with the more energetic ones, surfing to the music.

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New Year’s Eve is, without a doubt, the ultimate party night, and all who participate, hold their breath for that thrilling sound of the clock striking midnight. Celebrations include vibrant, twinkling lights, intent on welcoming all who pass by. Lively music trails out of open bars, enticing people to dance in the streets as they make their way to the beaches. Fireworks burst into a myriad of luminating colors lighting up the night skies. 

Lighting a flimsy paper lantern and closing your eyes to make your wish for an awesome new year, gives closure to the past. Watching it silently float as the breeze takes it higher, carrying your very own special request to the universe, is to be remembered forever, in the magical ethereal world. The sight of hundreds of soft flickering lanterns drifting over the moonlit ocean, is truly a memory to behold. 100% biodegradable and conducive to the environment, makes it even more worthy.

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